Agency Partners

Agency Partners

At Family Service Association of Redlands case managers use every resource available to help our clients in need.  Sometimes that means looking to our partners to see how we can collaborate.

Children’s Fund has become a valuable partner through their grant support for FSA Redlands and funds that they have available for needy families.

 Joe and Maria worked hard and never had any need for FSA Redlands’ assistance until they took custody of their four grandchildren.  Now they had 4 new little bodies, aged 6 – 12, in their 3BD 2BA house.  While Maria was working on getting the children settled in their new home – updating their immunizations, registering them for school, applying for Cal Works, Cal Fresh, and Medi-Cal – Family Service was able to help with food from our Pantry and clothing from our clothing room.  However, the children still needed undergarments, socks, shoes, and school clothing.  And the family needed beds and bedding so the children had a place to sleep.

A request to Children’s Fund to help with getting the children settled in Joe and Maria’s home brought the funds necessary to buy two sets of bunk beds, the required bedding along with the clothing items needed. That was last year, today Joe has a new job and although the family continues to struggle, they are grateful for the help Family Service and Children’s Fund was able offer when they were settling into a new family situation.

When Lara took her three young children (aged 5, 6, and 7) and moved in with her disabled father, she was 6 months pregnant.  She wasn’t sure what would happen next, but she knew she had to get her family away from her children’s father.  He had kidnapped the youngest child earlier in the year and now that the child had been safely returned, there was a restraining order against him to stay away from Lara and the kids. The only other time in the past that the family had asked for and received assistance from FSA Redlands was for Thanksgiving food in the previous year.  Now, when the case manager was able to make a request to Children’s Fund for baby furniture and other items to be ready for the new baby when she arrived, along with some gift cards to address clothing needs for the other children, it made all the difference in the world. The new baby had a place to sleep and the older children felt more at home in their new home.

Thank you, Children’s Fund for partnering with us to help needy families!


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